About Me

I am a wife, a mother of two teens…Devani (born in 2000) and Maxi (born in 2001).

As a family, we like to travel. My husband and I want to introduce our children to new things….different food, places, cultures and people. Most of the times, we travel independently, which means not joining a tour. I love doing pre-departure research through reading various other travel blogs and other sources. I think the pre-departure research is a part of the traveling itself.

Unfortunately, I can’t be on holiday as often as I want to. Therefore in order to keep my blog ‘alive’ throughout the year, I will also share my story while I am not on holiday. This can be stories from the places I visited in my hometown, Jakarta, Indonesia or stories about my activities with my family.

My mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia so most of my posts will be written in Indonesian language. Sometimes, however, I prefer to use English…. I have not decided to use a single language for Dreamtravelmom.

I would be very happy to give further information about myself or my posts. Just email me to purborini_sulistiyo@yahoo.com

I am open to any form of collaboration,  partnership and sponsorship from the readers and media. Please do contact me via email to explore further.





5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello, salam kenal 😀

    Singgah dan baca postingan disini
    Bagus nih blognya, terutama postingan artikel laporan perjalanan (traveling).

    Terima kasih

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