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I am a wife, a mother of two teens…Devani (born in 2000) and Maxi (born in 2001). As a family, we like to travel. My husband and I want to introduce our children to new things….different food, places, cultures and people. Most of the times, we travel independently, which means not joining a tour. I love doing pre-departure research through reading various other travel blogs and other sources. I think the pre-departure research is a part of the traveling itself. Unfortunately, I can’t be on holiday as often as I want to. Therefore in order to keep my blog ‘alive’ throughout the year, I will also share my story while I am not on holiday. This can be stories from the places I visited in my hometown, Jakarta, Indonesia or stories about my activities with my family. My mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia so most of my posts will be written in Indonesian language. Sometimes, however, I prefer to use English…. I have not decided to use a single language for Dreamtravelmom. I would be very happy to give further information about myself or my posts. Just email me to I am open to any form of collaboration, partnership and sponsorship from the readers and media. Please do contact me via email to explore further.

Finding Accommodation via Airbnb

I understand that my children are teenagers so we have to find a room big enough for four adults or book two rooms, one for parents and the other one for our children. Hotel rooms in Japan are usually smaller compared to the ones in other countries with the similar price and standard. When I started to find accommodations for our next trip to Japan, first I checked the famous and I usually book our hotel rooms from those websites and so far I have good experience with them. However, to find hotel rooms in Japan for the four of us within our budget and in good location was challenging.

Having visited other blogs, I came to know about which is a website that listed private accommodation all over the world ranging from a shared room, private room or entire home. I am interested to use Airbnb because they have a lot of alternatives in terms of the location and price. These are steps to use Airbnb services:

  1. Sign-up to It is a standard sign-up procedure that will only take 10 minutes of your time.
  2. Decide the type of accommodation that you are interested: shared room, private room or entire home. As I will go with my family, I chose to stay in an entire home in order to get better privacy.
  3. Decide the location within your destination. I know that I will use train for the local transportation during our holiday so I chose apartments which are near to the train station (my standard is maximum 10 minutes walking).
  4. Decide the budget. Airbnb has ‘price filter’ that you can use to focus your searching to the places that cost within your budget.
  5. Start searching.
  6. When you review a place, read carefully all of the house rules, facilities and all of the reviews from previous guests. Always remember that the people who listed their accommodation in Airbnb are not a professional in the hospitality industry. Don’t expect the same service standards as usually provided by hotels. If you are lucky enough to get a very kind, responsive and friendly host then consider it as a bonus.
  7. Check whether the accommodation is available on your planned dates.
  8. When you like a place, you can contact the host. This is also a way to check whether the host is responsive to your inquiry.
  9. Usually the host will give you ‘pre-approval’ with a deadline to finalise the payment.
  10. Don’t worry if you pass the deadline. If you pass the deadline but finally decide to choose that accommodation, you can check again whether it is still available.
  11. When you are sure with your choice, finalise the payment. It requires your credit card number. The owners of the accommodation that I chose use Euro for the payment but I can already see the calculation in my own currency: Rupiah.
  12. After you paid, the owner will give you more detailed information about the address, mobile number, map with direction to reach there, how to collect the key and so on. One of the owner even sent me the link to her youtube video on how to open her apartment locker to get the key to the apartment.
  13. There is an option to send automatic message to the other hosts that you have contacted to inform that you don’t need their accommodation anymore.
  14. Keep the correspondences with the owner. I did ask several other questions to the owners such as how to reach their place, possibility to do early check-in and so on.

Finally, I booked three accommodation via : 3-days in Otsuka, Tokyo, 3-days in Nishi-ku, Osaka and the last 2 days in Shibuya, Tokyo. All of these three places come with a free portable wifi included in the rental price! More stories on these three places will come later!

And the Decision is….Japan!

So….for our next family holiday in December, we decided to go to Japan!

Why Japan? Well…, the four of us have never visited Japan before. It’s not too far from Jakarta but the country has a unique culture which is very different from ours. Moreover, we all love Japanese food so much!

We decided to go and return before Christmas and New Year so we still can spend the festive days with our big family. Devani and Maxi will start their semester holiday on December 12th so we plan to travel on December 13th which is on Sunday (hopefully, less traffic to reach our beloved Soekarno-Hatta airport).

As usual, I am the one who do the preparations. I need to plan the itinerary based on the interests of the whole family:

  • Devani and Maxi surely want to visit DisneySea (they are ‘too old’ for Disneyland Tokyo) and Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.
  • Husband likes to visit shrines and temples to see the culture
  • Devani and I want to shop
  • Maxi wants to visit at least one museum
  • Maxi is interested to see the aquariums
  • We all want to eat good and yummy (but not expensive) Japanese food
  • We all want to see the snow (optional)

Considering the duration of the holiday (one week to ten days), I decided to include Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in our itinerary.

First thing first…we need to purchase the airplane tickets.  The obvious choice is to check the budget airlines tickets to Japan. However, the budget airlines usually do not travel directly to Japan. It means we will have to travel longer and we do not really like it especially on the flight back home. Other than the transit factor, budget airlines usually depart and/or arrive at odd hour…very late at night or very early in the morning. Surprisingly, the price is not that cheap since we will be travelling in the holiday period so no big discount is offered.

From a cousin who often travels to Japan (how lucky she is!), I was recommended to try to come to H.I.S Travel Agent ( This travel agent is specialized in Japan destination so they have all services catered to Japan holiday. In the internet era, I seldom make an airline booking via a travel agents as I usually do it online but after checking H.I.S Travel website, I am very interested to come to their office.

I visited H.I.S Travel Agent which is located in Mid Plaza. There are many other Japanese companies which have an office there. Almost all of the staff who work in H.I.S Travel seem to be able to speak Japanese. The service was very professional and efficient. The staff that I met gave me several airline offers to choose. Most of the airlines that go to Japan will arrive either in Tokyo (Narita or Haneda) or Osaka. For our first visit to Japan, we choose Tokyo as our base. Then between Narita and Haneda, we choose Haneda because it is closer to the city.

We actually can take our return flight from Osaka in order to avoid back travel to Tokyo but the price of the ticket is more expensive. We also love to travel by Shinkansen twice (Tokyo – Osaka v.v).

After considering several options, finally we decided to choose Garuda Indonesia for our holiday to Japan. Garuda ticket price which is offered by H.I.S Travel is very reasonable even compared to the budget airlines that I checked from the internet. And we all know that Garuda Indonesia service is good with full meals throughout the journey. Garuda to Tokyo will depart at midnight and arrive in the morning at Haneda. We do hope to be able to sleep during the flight.

We do not book the hotel via H.I.S Travel as we plan to rent an apartment from We will definitely return to H.I.S Travel to purchase other things such as tickets to DisneySea, Universal Studios, Japan Rail, etc. etc.

Next thing to do is to find a suitable accommodation for our holiday! Yeaaay! So excited!

Hi! I’m Back…..

Tulisan terakhir saya di blog ini di-publish 7 bulan yang lalu…. Setelah itu….hmmm….saya sepertinya tidak punya bahan tulisan yang menarik. Tak terasa, saat ini kita sudah memasuki bulan kesembilan dari tahun 2015. Sudah waktunya merencanakan liburan akhir tahun.

Nilai rupiah yang sedang menurun justru menjadi tantangan untuk menyusun budget liburan dengan lebih ‘smart’. Liburan akhir tahun memang masih empat bulan lagi tetapi sekarang adalah saat yang tepat untuk mulai meriset, baca-baca referensi catatan perjalanan orang lain, berburu tiket dan hotel dengan harga terbaik.

Sambil menyusun rencana liburan, semoga saya jadi punya bahan menarik untuk dituliskan di blog ini. Ditunggu yaaa….

Makan Siang di Birdcage

Di Hari Minggu yang tidak cerah (alias: hujan), suami, Devani dan saya sedang berada di daerah Kebayoran. Suami mengusulkan untuk mencoba makan siang di Birdcage. Karena belum pernah ke sana, kami tidak tahu persis alamat dan lokasinya. Menurut hasi googling, alamat Birdcage adalah Jl. Wijaya V No. 9 tetapi ternyata lokasinya di sudut jalan ke arah Jl. Wijaya II. Setelah beberapa kali berhenti untuk ‘berkonsultasi’ dengan perangkat GPS, tibalah kami di Birdcage.

Birdcage memiliki area indoor dan outdoor dengan perbandingan yang kurang lebih sama. Yang menurut saya kurang nyaman, pengunjung di area indoor diperbolehkan untuk merokok. Area indoor Birdcage tidak luas sehingga meski ‘smoking area’ hanya di salah satu sisi, aroma rokok sudah ‘beredar’ di seluruh wilayah indoor. Karena kami semua anti tembakau, kami memilih duduk di area outdoor saja yang kebetulan sepi.

Area outdoor Birdcage tampak cantik, bergaya cenderung feminin dengan taplak bermotif bunga, kursi besi dan kayu. Vas dengan bunga segar diletakkan di setiap meja.

Lokasi Birdcage sebenarnya terletak di sekitar daerah perumahan sehingga meskipun kami duduk di area outdoor, kami tidak terganggu dengan suara kendaraan yang lalu-lalang. Area outdoor ini diberi atap plastik sampai ke dinding samping sehingga kami terhindar dari hujan. Kipas angin juga terdapat di area ini, mungkin sangat diperlukan jika matahari sedang bersinar terik.

Menu Birdcage umumnya bergaya Western dengan Grill, Pasta, Pizza, Sandwich, Soup and Salad, namun Anda juga bisa memilih Asian Food seperti nasi goreng, soto Jakarta, tom yam soup.

Untuk makan siang, suami memilih Grilled Dory dan Hot Tea jenis English Breakfast Tea. Devani memilih Fettucinne Carbonara dan Chocolate Milkshake sedangkan saya pilih Caesar Salad with Crispy Beef Bacon dan Lemongrass Tea.

Komentar suami saya….”Wah…porsinya kecil sekali…” Sepertinya ukuran porsi makanan di Birdcage lebih cocok untuk kaum perempuan seperti Devani dan saya. Fettuccine-nya lumayan tetapi saya agak kecewa dengan “crispy beef bacon” yang cenderung keras, jauh dari deskripsi “crispy”.

Kesimpulannya…., makanan dan minuman di Birdcage biasa-biasa saja. Tempat ini enak untuk nongkrong, ngobrol-ngobrol santai ataupun untuk informal meeting.

Jadi Detektif di “Escape Room – Tick Tock” Alam Sutera


Jauh-jauh ke Alam Sutera karena Devani dan teman-temannya ingin bermain di TickTock Escape Room! Apa sih sebenarnya Escape Room ini? Deskripsi singkat di website mereka adalah sebagai berikut:

Ticktock Escape Room Game adalah permainan misteri yang dibuat untuk 2-6 orang. Tujuan permainan ini satu: Keluar dari ruangan dalam waktu 60 menit dengan menyelesaikan teka-teki melalui pentunjuk-petunjuk yang ada di dalamnya dengan bekerja sama sebagai satu tim. Mampukah kalian menjadi detektif yang handal?

Sebelum menuju ke sana, sangat disarankan untuk booking tempat terlebih dahulu dengan cara menelepon ke 021 – 5314 0313. Karena pada saat yang bersamaan, hanya bisa ada satu group yang bermain dengan cerita yang sama.

Ada tiga pilihan cerita misteri yang saat ini ditawarkan di Ticktock Escape Room Alam Sutera yaitu: Murder at Opera House (tingkat kesulitan: menengah), The Mansion’s Heist (tingkat kesulitan: menegah) dan Asylum (tingkat kesulitan: tinggi). Nah, karena kedua ruangan lain sudah dipesan group lain, Devani dan teman-temannya bermain di cerita Asylum.


Tiga Pilihan Jalan Cerita

Asylum berlatar belakang rumah sakit jiwa. Devani dan empat temannya berperan sebagai mahasiswi kedokteran yang sedang mengunjungi rumah sakit jiwa tersebut. Tiba-tiba mereka dikunci dari luar sehingga terjebak di dalam rumah sakit jiwa. Mereka berusaha ke luar dengan cara memecahkan teka-teki dan mengikuti petunjuk yang ada di dalam ruang tersebut.

Dukungan multi media berupa pencahayaan dan tata suara yang baik membuat para pemain hanyut dalam cerita. Properti dan barang-barang yang digunakan di setiap ruangan juga sangat berkualitas. Bagi para penggemar cerita detektif, bermain di Escape Room ini tentu sangat menantang karena Anda seolah-olah berada di dalam cerita tersebut. Waktu yang diberikan bagi setiap group hanyalah satu jam. Lewat dari waktu tersebut, petugas akan membukakan pintu dan menjelaskan sedikit petunjuk yang mungkin telah Anda abaikan selama berada di dalam ruangan itu.

Biaya untuk bermain tergantung dari besarnya group Anda. Jika hanya bermain berdua, masing-masing peserta harus membayar Rp 160.000,- Sementara jika group Anda terdiri dari lima atau maksimal enam orang, masing-masing hanya membayar Rp 120.000,-. Jika Anda pelajar dan membawa kartu pelajar, Anda akan mendapatkan potongan sebesar 20%…sangat lumayan!

Selama berada di dalam Escape Room, tidak diperbolehkan membawa handphone, camera, alat tulis, dan lain-lain. Tas dan barang bawaan lainnya dapat dititipkan di locker yang sudah disediakan di lobby.

Meskipun gagal ke luar ruangan dan banyak jerit-jerit selama bermain karena ketakutan, Devani dan teman-temannya sangat puas bermain di Escape Room ini. Justru karena usaha pertama ini gagal, mereka ingin lagi mengulang bermain dengan target ‘berhasil lolos’.

Buat para remaja, bermain di Escape Room ini bisa menjadi kegiatan alternatif yang lebih seru daripada hanya sekedar nonton film dan makan-makan di mall.

Alamat Ticktock Escape Room Alam Sutera:

Jalan Jalur Sutera, Ruko Jalur Sutera Kav. 29A no. 22, Alam Sutera, Serpong Utara.




Northpole Cafe, Pantai Indah Kapuk

Di awal Januari 2015, saat saya dan anak-anak masih libur, kami berniat untuk main ke daerah yang agak jauh dari rumah. Akhirnya, disepakati untuk ‘berwisata’ ke daerah Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). Daerah ini sudah tersohor sebagai salah satu tempat untuk berwisata kuliner karena banyaknya tempat makan yang menarik di sana. Memang belum sepadat daerah Kelapa Gading, tetapi banyak resto dengan makanan unik, suasana yang ‘cozy’ dan interior yang membuat betah para pengunjungnya.

Karena kami adalah penggemar ice-cream, tentunya kami mampir di Northpole Cafe, Pantai Indah Kapuk. Sesuai dengan namanya…yang identik dengan dingin, cafe ini memfokuskan diri pada dessert, tepatnya ice-cream.  Northpole Cafe menempati sebuah ruko, berjejer dengan berbagai restaurant lainnya. Exterior-nya didominasi warna putih dan kaca.

Tampak Depan Northpole Cafe, PIK


Area di bagian depan tepat di balik dinding kaca dimaksud sebagai area ‘outdoor’ tetapi tetap menggunakan “AC”. Anda bisa memilih untuk duduk di bagian depan atau masuk ke dalam. Kami memilih untuk duduk di dalam, karena merasa lebih nyaman dengan model kursi di bagian dalam resto.

Setelah duduk, pelayan resto langsung memberikan daftar menu dan mempersilakan kami untuk memilih. Karena Northpole Cafe baru saja dibuka, pelayan yang saat itu melayani kami juga masih berstatus ‘karyawan baru’. Dia tidak terlalu paham dalam menjelaskan berbagai rasa ice-cream yang ada di menu. Jadi kami memilih berdasarkan foto dan penjelasan yang ada di menu saja. Sebenarnya suami saya ingin mencoba “Iced Ferrero Rocher” karena suami adalah penggemar coklat Ferrero…. Sayang sekali, ternyata ‘out of stock’…. Hal ini agak mengecewakan bagi sebuah cafe baru yang seharusnya mengantisipasi banyaknya pengunjung yang datang untuk mencicipi dessert di cafe ini.

Pilihan rasa di Northpole Cafe sungguh bervariasi…., mulai dari yang dicampur buah seperti Strawberry, Mango, Lemon, Banana sampai Oreo, Choco Ferrero, Bublegum, Salted Caramel, Diablo Beer dan Baileys. Ada juga rasa kombinasi manis-asam seperti Choco Lemon dan Almond Cherry yang unik. Untuk pertama kalinya, di Northpole Cafe ini saya makan ice-cream dengan rasa “Thai Iced Tea”….yummy!

Ice-cream andalan…yang ditempatkan paling atas di daftar menu mereka adalah “smoky pan”. Saya perhatikan, hampir di seluruh meja pengunjung ada ‘smoky pan’ ini. ‘Smoky pan’ terdiri dari enam scoops ice-cream, gelato, sorbet yang ditempatkan di bagian atas sebuah panci dengan warna-warni yang manis. Di bagian dalam panci (di bawah piring ice-cream) diletakkan ‘dry ice’ sehingga ketika ‘smoky pan’ disajikan di meja pengunjung, ada kepulan asap dari ‘dry ice’ tersebut. Keenam pilihan rasa di ‘smoky pan’ ini tidak bisa dipilih. Semoga di kemudian hari, Northpole Cafe lebih fleksibel dan mengizinkan pengunjung untuk memilih enam rasa favorit mereka sendiri.

‘Smoky pan’ disarankan untuk dimakan berdua. Disediakan dua mangkok kecil, dua sendok plastik dalam warna ceria, whipped cream dan fruity pebbles. Penyajiannya sungguh cantik dan membuat kita semua segera ingin mencobanya.

Selain pesan ‘Smoky Pan’, kami juga mencoba seri “Creamy Pot” yang ‘Salted Caramel’. Saat itu, kami baru saja selesai makan siang di resto lain sehingga kami sudah kenyang….tidak banyak ruang tersisa di perut kami untuk memesan lebih banyak dessert dari Northpole Cafe. Padahal sebenarnya, kita bisa juga pesan ‘main food’ seperti fettucine dan spaghetti di sini.

Creamy Pot - Salted Caramel
Creamy Pot – Salted Caramel

Devani yang ingin mencicipi ‘Salted Caramel’ ini. Dia menyukai salted caramel ice-creamnya, corn flakes dan caramel popcorn-nya tetapi kurang suka dengan ‘milk pudding’ yang ada di bagian bawah.

Jika anda perhatikan, di nampan kayu terdapat tiga gambar kepala anjing Husky yang merupakan ‘maskot’ Northpole Cafe ini. Ketiga Husky tersebut diberi nama Coco, Cream, Waff. Mereka juga muncul di mural resto dan di foto-foto yang menghiasi resto ini.

Yuuuk…mari main ke Northpole!

Alamat Northpole Cafe:

Rukan Crown Golf Blok A No. 57, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta 14460.

Sebagai patokan, Northpole Cafe terletak di seberang resto Sate Senayan.




Pointe Shoes


“Mama…aku mau belajar ballet!” demikian kata Devani saat dia berusia lima tahun. Sembilan tahun berlalu, sampai sekarang Devani masih terus berlatih ballet di tempat kursus yang sama.

Salah satu idaman seorang anak yang belajar ballet adalah bisa berdiri ‘en pointe’ dengan memakai ‘pointe shoes’. Seingat saya, Devani baru berlatih menggunakan ‘pointe shoes’ ketika dia berusia 12 tahun, sekitar kelas 6 SD.

Baru-baru ini, kami menemukan sebuah tempat yang menjual berbagai keperluan ballet. Sasaran utama kami adalah mencari ‘pointe shoes’ karena Devani sudah harus mengganti ‘pointe shoes’ lamanya dengan yang baru.

Pointe Shoes lama harus diganti karena sudah ‘lembek’, bisa ditekuk


Selain barangnya yang lengkap, pelayanannya juga sangat personal. Pemilik toko tersebut (sudah bisa diduga) adalah seorang ballerina senior, akrab disapa dengan “Ms. Ellen”. Beliau sangat teliti dan sabar melihat dulu kondisi kaki Devani sebelum menyarankan ‘pointe shoes’ yang dirasanya sesuai.

Ketika datang ke toko yang juga merangkap tempat tinggal dan tempat kursus ballet, sangat disarankan untuk membawa sepatu lama, lengkap dengan ‘toe pad’nya. Sebenarnya juga sebaiknya membawa stockings sendiri karena dalam proses ‘fitting’, anak diharuskan memakai stockings. Pointe shoes Devani yang lama adalah dari merk J. Bloch (merk dari Sydney, Australia tetapi dibuat di Thailand), tipe Suprima, ukuran 2,5.

Old Pointe Shoes


New Pointe Shoes

Setelah fitting dan mencoba beberapa jenis pointe shoes, akhirnya pilihan Devani sesuai anjuran Ms. Ellen adalah J. Bloch tipe Eso ukuran 4.


Old and New Pointe Shoes

Harga pointe shoes J. Bloch Eso adalah Rp 450.000,- Devani dan saya sangat puas karena akhirnya mendapatkan pointe shoes baru yang lebih sesuai. Tipe Eso sangat menunjang bentuk telapak kaki Devani sehingga ‘arch’nya bisa terlihat lebih bagus.

Lemari Display

Selain pointe shoes, Ms. Ellen juga menjual leotard berbagai ukuran dengan warna-warni standar sekolah ballet.

Saya sangat merekomendasikan tempat ini jika Anda mencari pointe shoes atau kebutuhan ballet lainnya. Memang biasanya semua barang ini bisa dibeli di tempat kursus ballet (anak) kita, tetapi jika anda ingin lebih puas, mencari sendiri, atau kebetulan barang yang dicari sedang tidak ada di tempat kursus, silakan hubungi Ms. Ellen ini.

Alamatnya: Jl. Pluit Sakti 8 No. 4, Pluit

Telepon: 021- 6621861 dan 08161454209 (Ms. Ellen)


Pot Luck Restaurant, Singapore






‘Potluck’ is a meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish. We went to IMM (International Merchandise Mart) Mall in Jurong East to see this new factory outlets mall then we wanted to find a restaurant to have lunch. In the spirit of trying a different dining concept, we chose to have our lunch in “Pot Luck” restaurant.

Don’t worry…you don’t have to contribute any dish when you come to this restaurant. It’s just their name. They offer you unlimited rice and drinks and expect you to share the meals with your group. The concept of potluck can be understood that the guests in a table are expected to share their meal with one another.

As I came with my husband and our two children, we had to pay for 4 rice and 4 drinks. Then each of us can take the rice and drinks as much as we want. As for the drinks, they offer hot drinks: black coffee, cappuccino, latte, mocha, teh tarik, white coffee and cold drinks: Pepsi, Pepsi light, Mirinda orange, root beer, Mountain Dew and ice lemon tea. Excellent choice, isn’t it? This arrangement is very suitable for my son, Maxi who likes to eat rice and drink a lot.

Now about the food….. Their specialty is claypot meals. Cooking meal in a claypot will help enhance the flavour and keep the food warm for longer time. They have fish, chicken, beef, seafood, vegetable, tofu and egg menu. Moreover, they also have some popular side dishes such as fried chicken wings (Maxi’s favourite), sotong balls, fish ball, chicken popcorn (Devani’s favourite) and so on. In my opinion, the side dishes are very suitable for kids and teens who may not like the claypot meals.

As you can see in more details from the photos, the prices are very affordable.  The portion is quite big because they expect you to share the meals with your family/friends.

Chicken, Beef and Noodle MenuIMG-20150107-02567


Seafood Menu

Vegetable Menu
Tofu and Egg Menu
Side Dishes

The prices for the free flow drinks are SGD 2.8 (for adults) and SGD 1.8 (for kids between 4 to 12 years old). Rice for adults is SGS 1.5 while for kids is SGD 1. Kids under 3 years old can drinks and eat rice for free. As the prices are very reasonable, they expect each customer to pay for one rice and one drink. Sharing rice and drink is not allowed. I think this policy is very understandable considering the prices they offer.

What we ordered? Claypot Ee Mee for me; Claypot Tom Yum for my husband; Chicken Wings for Maxi; Chicken Popcorn for Devani.

The restaurant is not big and quite crowded at lunchtime. As the name suggested, guests come in group as they want to share the meals.

Overall, we are happy with this restaurant…the food, the service and the price!





Mainan yang sedang “Hits” di Toys R Us Singapore

Devani dan Maxi sudah terlalu “tua” untuk “Toys R Us” tetapi setiap kali kami ke Singapore, kami selalu mampir ke setidaknya satu outlet “Toys R Us”  untuk “cuci mata’.  Waktu mereka kecil, toko ini adalah salah satu tempat belanja favorit mereka karena koleksi mainannya lengkap, mengikuti ‘trend’ dan (menurut saya) harganya masuk akal. Toko ini pernah ada di Jakarta, tetapi saat ini entah mengapa, sudah tak ada lagi.

Pada liburan kali ini, kami mampir ke “Toys R Us” yang berlokasi di “Centrepoint”, Orchard Road. Koleksi mainan di sana luar biasa banyaknya, tetapi yang akan saya tampilkan hanya contoh seri “Minecraft”, “Big Hero 6”, “Star Wars” , “Transformers” dan tentu saja…”Frozen”.

Semoga berguna bagi Anda yang sedang mencari mainan untuk anak-anak Anda.

DSC09601 (2)
Minecraft Survival Pack SGD 33.90
DSC09602 (2)
Minecraft character SGD 19.90
Big Hero characters – harga sekitar SGD 20
Big Hero Mini Soft Toys – SGD 19.95
Macam-macam mainan dari Star Wars
Star Wars
Transformers sekitar SGD 40
For the girls!
Boneka Olaf-nya lucu banget! SGD 59.90


Untuk informasi lebih lengkap, silakan kunjungi


Universal Studio Singapore: Hollywood Dreams Parade

I like to visit a theme park such as “Disneyland” and “Universal Studios” mostly to see the parade and shows (I’m not that brave to ride on the challenging rides!). When I went to the “Universal Studios Singapore” (USS) recently with my family, we intentionally chose to go there on Sunday because the parade is only scheduled on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

As per the schedule, the parade will start on 3 PM from “WaterWorld” and end in “New York” area. We were already tired after lunchtime so we quickly tried to find a good spot to sit and take a rest while waiting for the parade to start. USS was crowded that day; it’s Sunday and it’s the holiday season so it was a good decision to find our spot early. Finally, my children and I sat near the “New York” area while my husband was near the “Transformer” ride (because he wanted to ride the Transformer while the crowds were busy watching the parade).

The parade is called “Hollywood Dreams Parade”. The parade is divided into six segments which are the Opening, Madagascar, Shrek, Jurassic Park, Revenge of the Mummy and the Closing.

Let’s enjoy the “Hollywood Dreams Parade”!

The Opening was started by the Sesame Street Characters who walked in the front of the first parade car.

The second segment was my favourite…here comes the Madagascar! I remember Devani and Maxi used to like the movie so much.

Shrek and his friends were in the next sequence. I was a little bit disappointed because “Puss in Boots” was not included in the parade.

After meeting the Shrek, we were invited to come to the Jurassic Park. This was also Maxi’s childhood favourite. He used to watch the movie everyday! In my opinion, the dinosaurs in the USS are well-made. The colours, the size, the movement, the sound are all nicely presented.

I’m not a fans of the “Mummy” but yeah…here they come! The Cleopatra was actually not that bad! She acted well!

To be frank, I think the parade was too short (compared to the waiting time we had prior to it).  The parade was ended with another Hollywood scene…Marilyn Monroe, champagne, cabaret dancers.

Right after the parade ended, it started to rain! Many people including us quickly walked to the nearest restaurant so we can avoid the rain and grab some snacks!