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Discover the Wonders of Gardens by the Bay

DSC09658 (2)
Gardens by the Bay – view from inside the Cloud Forest

If you think that visiting gardens is only suitable for the senior citizens and young children, you are wrong. Our teens, Devani and Maxi enjoyed their visit to Gardens by The Bay in Marina area, Singapore.

We went to the Gardens by MRT Downtown Line, alight at Bayfront MRT Station. We took Exit B and followed the sign to the Gardens. Along the way, we passed Malay Garden, Chinese Garden and Indian Garden before we arrived at the Ticketing Centre.

I regret that I didn’t buy the tickets in advance via online or travel agent in Jakarta. My husband had to queue for the tickets quite long because we visited the gardens on the peak season. The cost of a standard ticket for adult is SGD 28 per person. This ticket can be used to visit the two main domes which are the “Cloud Forest” and “Flower Dome”.

Long Queue at the Ticketing Office
A Standard Adult Ticket for Cloud Forest & Flower Dome: SGD 28

The Gardens were in full Christmas decorations when we visited. Red and white were the main colours of the decoration. They put fake snow in some areas to make the display more dramatic.

The Cloud Forest

We started with the Cloud Forest as recommended by Maxi. The first impression was so grand! We were welcomed by “The Falls” which is a 35-metre (man-made) waterfall. We could really feel the fresh air in the this area that made us wanting to stay for a while…to take photos and deep breaths. The temperature of the whole dome is kept to be cool to maintain the freshness of the plants.

Enjoy the fresh air!

DSC09643 (2)

IMG_9094 (2)
The 35-metre man-made waterfall

The collection of plants in the Cloud Forest dome is very beautiful. You should allocate plenty of time to really enjoy the beauty of the collection. Here are some of our favourites:

And of course, we can see the famous pitcher plant:

You better follow the suggested steps to enjoy the “Cloud Forest” so you do not miss any interesting features of the garden.

DSC09654 DSC09655

My most memorable experience from the “Cloud Forest” is to pass the “Cloud Walk”. However, if you have fear of heights,  you better skip the “Cloud Walk’.

Cloud Walk – viewed from above
Cloud Walk – viewed from the ground level


Lunch at “Satay by the Bay”

It was lunchtime when we finished exploring the “Cloud Forest”. There are many dining options around the Gardens, from the local delights to the Western food. We chose to have our lunch at “Satay by the Bay’ which is an open foodcourt with the view to the waterfront. Satay is not the only type of food which is offered there. My husband and I ate the satay but Devani had a Turkish cheese bread from one of the stall.

The Flower Dome

After lunch, we returned to the domes area to visit the “Flower Dome”. The main Christmas display was set inside the “Flower Dome”. A lot of visitors took their time to take photos near the display.

Devani and I love the succulent garden the most. I tried several times to keep succulent plants alive at home but they did not survive long.  Therefore I was amazed with the beauty of the succulent plants collection at the “Flower Dome”. I don’t know the individual name of each type of the succulent plants but they all look amazing!

The Souvenir Shop

A day in the Gardens is not complete without visiting the souvenir shop. You can find the “mainstream” souvenirs such as t-shirts, caps, key chain, fridge magnet and mugs as well as the unique ones like the “Wabi Kusu” and “Bio Dome”.

What We Missed from the Gardens

We missed to see the “Supertrees” at night. The lights and the sound show were scheduled at 7.45 pm and 8.45 pm but we returned to our hotel in the afternoon because we were tired.

IMG_9364 (2)
The Supertrees and OCBC Skyway

For more information about the Gardens, please visit http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg