And the Decision is….Japan!

So….for our next family holiday in December, we decided to go to Japan!

Why Japan? Well…, the four of us have never visited Japan before. It’s not too far from Jakarta but the country has a unique culture which is very different from ours. Moreover, we all love Japanese food so much!

We decided to go and return before Christmas and New Year so we still can spend the festive days with our big family. Devani and Maxi will start their semester holiday on December 12th so we plan to travel on December 13th which is on Sunday (hopefully, less traffic to reach our beloved Soekarno-Hatta airport).

As usual, I am the one who do the preparations. I need to plan the itinerary based on the interests of the whole family:

  • Devani and Maxi surely want to visit DisneySea (they are ‘too old’ for Disneyland Tokyo) and Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.
  • Husband likes to visit shrines and temples to see the culture
  • Devani and I want to shop
  • Maxi wants to visit at least one museum
  • Maxi is interested to see the aquariums
  • We all want to eat good and yummy (but not expensive) Japanese food
  • We all want to see the snow (optional)

Considering the duration of the holiday (one week to ten days), I decided to include Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in our itinerary.

First thing first…we need to purchase the airplane tickets.  The obvious choice is to check the budget airlines tickets to Japan. However, the budget airlines usually do not travel directly to Japan. It means we will have to travel longer and we do not really like it especially on the flight back home. Other than the transit factor, budget airlines usually depart and/or arrive at odd hour…very late at night or very early in the morning. Surprisingly, the price is not that cheap since we will be travelling in the holiday period so no big discount is offered.

From a cousin who often travels to Japan (how lucky she is!), I was recommended to try to come to H.I.S Travel Agent ( This travel agent is specialized in Japan destination so they have all services catered to Japan holiday. In the internet era, I seldom make an airline booking via a travel agents as I usually do it online but after checking H.I.S Travel website, I am very interested to come to their office.

I visited H.I.S Travel Agent which is located in Mid Plaza. There are many other Japanese companies which have an office there. Almost all of the staff who work in H.I.S Travel seem to be able to speak Japanese. The service was very professional and efficient. The staff that I met gave me several airline offers to choose. Most of the airlines that go to Japan will arrive either in Tokyo (Narita or Haneda) or Osaka. For our first visit to Japan, we choose Tokyo as our base. Then between Narita and Haneda, we choose Haneda because it is closer to the city.

We actually can take our return flight from Osaka in order to avoid back travel to Tokyo but the price of the ticket is more expensive. We also love to travel by Shinkansen twice (Tokyo – Osaka v.v).

After considering several options, finally we decided to choose Garuda Indonesia for our holiday to Japan. Garuda ticket price which is offered by H.I.S Travel is very reasonable even compared to the budget airlines that I checked from the internet. And we all know that Garuda Indonesia service is good with full meals throughout the journey. Garuda to Tokyo will depart at midnight and arrive in the morning at Haneda. We do hope to be able to sleep during the flight.

We do not book the hotel via H.I.S Travel as we plan to rent an apartment from We will definitely return to H.I.S Travel to purchase other things such as tickets to DisneySea, Universal Studios, Japan Rail, etc. etc.

Next thing to do is to find a suitable accommodation for our holiday! Yeaaay! So excited!

Hi! I’m Back…..

Tulisan terakhir saya di blog ini di-publish 7 bulan yang lalu…. Setelah itu….hmmm….saya sepertinya tidak punya bahan tulisan yang menarik. Tak terasa, saat ini kita sudah memasuki bulan kesembilan dari tahun 2015. Sudah waktunya merencanakan liburan akhir tahun.

Nilai rupiah yang sedang menurun justru menjadi tantangan untuk menyusun budget liburan dengan lebih ‘smart’. Liburan akhir tahun memang masih empat bulan lagi tetapi sekarang adalah saat yang tepat untuk mulai meriset, baca-baca referensi catatan perjalanan orang lain, berburu tiket dan hotel dengan harga terbaik.

Sambil menyusun rencana liburan, semoga saya jadi punya bahan menarik untuk dituliskan di blog ini. Ditunggu yaaa….